Melbournce Dental Practice

Welton Dental Surgery - Welton, Lincolnshire
Tel: Ruth Black (principal) 01673 861 6352

Ruth contacted us after recently taking over at Welton dental practice, the building had been turned into a dental practice during the 1980's, and as far as we could tell, never touched since, needless to say everything was in a state of disrepair.

Our first job was to convert an existing make shift decontamination room into her main surgery, this was done effectively, working closely with other trades who were also working at the practice.

Secondly we installed a new toilet downstairs, leaving us with the bathroom upstairs to turn into a decontamination room, although the room was small, everything fit and the work flow was good.

Ruth was happy with the work we did at her practice and will provide anyone with a reference for our work.

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